Use and Care – Coffee For One Gold Filter


The Coffee For One 23 karat gold plated filter is easy to use:

  1. Simply set the filter on top of a cup or mug and add MEDIUM ground coffee (your grind size should be such that it results in an extraction time of 3 minutes.
  2. Place the water regulator inside the filter.
  3. Pour a little hot water into the regulator to allow the coffee to ‘bloom’ for 20 seconds or so. Pour remaining hot water into the regulator and cover with the lid and allow the hot water to filter through the coffee.
  4. Brewing is finished when the regulator is empty (adjust your grind size to allow an extraction time of 3 minutes).
  5. Reverse the lid and use it as a drip catcher underneath the filter.


gold filter

Care Instructions:

  • It is recommended that you clean the Coffee For One before its first use with hot tap water and dishwashing detergent (or place in dishwasher).
  • After use, empty the grounds (compost or body scrub if you like). It is usually sufficient to just rinse all components however it can also be cleaned with a soft sponge and detergent. Alternatively it can be run through the dishwasher on the upper rack.
  • WARNING: Never use hard utensils, scouring pads or abrasive cleaners as this may damage the gold (a soft metal).
coffee for one