Coffee for One

The Coffee-For-One Filter is the environmentally friendly alternative to the coffee capsule/pod and paper filters.

The Coffee For One Golden Titanium plated filter is easy to use:
  1. Simply set the filter on top of a cup or mug and add 15g FINE-MEDIUM ground coffee (your grind size should be such that it results in an extraction time of 2.5-3 minutes).
  2. Place the water regulator inside the filter.
  3. Pour 50mL hot water into the regulator to allow the coffee to ‘bloom’ for 20 seconds or so. Pour remaining 200mL hot water into the regulator and cover with the lid and allow the hot water to filter through the coffee.
  4. Brewing is finished when the regulator is empty (adjust your grind size to allow an extraction time of 2.5-3 minutes).
  5. Reverse the lid and use it as a drip catcher underneath the filter.
  6. Use and care instructions can be found here.
gold filter
Superior features:
  • Golden Titanium (Titanium Nitride, TiN) plated stainless steel filter means the mesh is inert and imparts no flavour onto your coffee (taste the coffee, not the filter).
  • The mesh has minuscule holes (smaller than plungers, paper filters and espresso machines) meaning that no sediment makes it into your cup of coffee.
  • It is very simple to use and requires no electricity – great for camping!
  • The filter body is constructed of food grade polypropylene grade 5 and is BPA free.
  • The convex shape makes it suitable for 99% of cup/mug sizes, just pour enough hot water in at the top to suit the size of the cup underneath.
  • It is permanent, reusable, energy efficient and recyclable. A sustainable necessity in today’s World.
  • Perfect for home, cafes, the office, outdoors, camping, just about anywhere.
EZICAF Solutions is the Australian & New Zealand Distributor for the Coffee for One. Please get in touch to enquire about becoming a stockist.
coffee for one